Salisbury Road

This place has hidden qualities in its planning, architecture and history, which subtly affect the way it is experienced. Greener than expected, pastoral, agricultural, productive.

There are no monotonous rows of terraced facades. Houses step forward and back. Chimneys enliven undulating roofs, which are arranged amongst tree canopies creating picturesque views.

All of this leads to a unique village-like atmosphere.

A shallow reflection pond greets visitors to the home. Simple domestic forms that feel somehow familiar, rooted in this place, yet timeless in their massing gently guide visitors to the front door. The somewhat grand arrival space, belies the casual arrangement of buildings. The result is a home with a formal relationship to the street while still remaining warm, inviting and friendly.

The home is broken up into its constituent parts – the public social spaces to the right (Long House) and the intimate family rooms to the left (Square House). Deep reveals, light shelves and adjustable shutters ensure privacy and allows natural light to stream into the interior. The composition is fine grained, domestic, agricultural and informal. This home is not “new”. It has been here, in this place, waiting. It has grown and adapted over time from roots as old as the trees. It gets better as it ages. Not faddish, the home is understated – burnished by time.

There is life here and love. Yes. The rustling of the stream, yes. Children’s laughter and dappled light creeping along the walls, yes. Logs shifting silently in the fire on a winter’s afternoon. Yes. Sheltered leafy courtyards that invite the mountain down. Lofty heights and nooks enough to hold the minutiae of family life. Remembrance and warmth. There is life here, yes.

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