Atholl Road

A conversion of an existing 1970’s home in the suburb of Camps Bay, this project entails the addition of a new upper level, refurbishment of an existing granny flat and a re-imagining of the existing L-shaped plan layout.

The existing plan is rotated at thirty degrees to the site boundaries and the internal levels follow the slope down towards the street. The angle was retained and is used to create a triangular terrace focused on mountain views, whilst also being sheltered from the wind strong southeastern wind.

The new upper level, though still following the same orientation, is focused toward the ocean and features a new outdoor terrace that also forms the roof of a portion of the existing building below. By replacing the existing sloping roof with the new horizontal roof/terrace a series of volumes are created beneath. Due to fact that the existing floor levels step down the slope, the internal spaces become successively more intimately scaled as one moves from public to the private realms of the home.

A strong formal feature of the existing building is the use of free standing ‘strips’ of walls alternating with ‘strips’ of full height glazing. This feature is retained and enhanced, with the new cantilevering concrete beams and roof structure which appears to be stacked on top of the existing walls. This results in a series clerestory windows which flood the internal spaces with natural light. Smooth white render and luminous white marbles are used throughout to emphasize the interplay of light on the succession of receding surfaces.

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